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The RMO International Package

The RMO International Package

Every full time contracted RMO will have the opportunity to earn from £42,250 to £63,600 per annum minus normal statutory deductions for Income Tax and National Insurance.

Rotation Options

Most doctors who join us elect to opt out of the 48 hour working week contained in the Working Time Regulations as it allows them to structure their lives around a one week on and one week off rotation. Other rotations are possible and we can always talk options through. Our initial contracts are typically for 12 months and are renewable for for 6, 9 or 12 months.

We also have limited placements in a psychiatric hospital working 9am-5pm weekdays with some weekly on-call night duty and a shared on-call weekend routine.


The vast majority of Hospitals provide accommodation and three meals per day during working weeks. If a hospital has alternative arrangements this will be discussed with the candidate before confirming the placement.

If a Resident Medical Officer elects to remain in the UK during off weeks they have access to our company house near Birmingham.  We maintain the RMO house to a good standard, ensuring there is always clean bedding/linen, laundry and cooking facilities. There is a good sized garden, a TV and WIFI access.


Salaries are paid monthly. After tax earnings do vary with an individual’s personal circumstances.

Support Services

RMO International will provide a clear and concise contract with your salary outlined, plus we will:

  • Assist with GMC registration
  • Provide advice on Immigration documentation
  • Provide comprehensive clinical support including an orientation with one of our experienced clinical partners and a three day handover before starting.
  • Arrange a National Insurance Number for you
  • Help you to complete relevant tax forms
  • Deduct Income Tax from monthly pay
  • Organise a bank account for you

The support we provide continues after starting the contract as we maintain regular contact with all our RMOs and are available to discuss any difficulties that may arise.

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