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In operation since 1996, we continue to refine our service to respond to the needs of our clients and changing market demands.

  • We are a partnership with a strong belief in trust, reliability and quality service. All our doctors and hospitals can rely on us to offer the same support to them that we offer to each other.
  • We employ an intensive interview process that puts all recruits through rigorous testing of their clinical skills, English skills and suitability for RMO work culminating in a face to face interview with at least two senior partners and a test of their practical skills and written English.
  • Before a new doctor can start a rotation we require them to attend a one-week UK based induction programme which includes further skills checking at a one-to-one induction day and a three day work shadow period at the hospital with an experienced RMO.
  • In addition to standard UK resuscitation council ALS and EPALS courses, all our RMOs are required to complete NHS Better Blood Transfusion training, vulnerable adult and child safeguarding, mental capacity and DONS, infection prevention and control, equality and diversity training, safer prescribing and dispensing, statutory requirements(manual handling and fire safety), effective teamwork.
  • As a Designated Body, we have systems in place to meet the GMC mandatory requirements in providing an appraisal and revalidation process.
  • We provide not only an excellent service to our client hospitals, but also a comprehensive support network to our doctors resulting in a healthy renewal rate and consistent rotations.
  • We are in regular contact with our hospitals, ensuring that we can respond quickly to changing requirements. We submit quarterly assessments for each RMO to ensure that each RMO is meeting or exceeding the level of services that is required.
  • We maintain frequent contact with all of our RMOs to ensure that everything runs efficiently and to forge a strong working relationship.
  • We cover all our doctor’s holiday and sick leave with experienced standby RMOs ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted service. We ensure that a RMO covers the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so none of our contracted hospitals need to worry about providing alternative cover.
  • 24 hour support is available to each of our hospitals and all of our doctors for both clinical and non-clinical issues with standbys available and ready to go if relief cover is required.

For more information please contact us at team@rmointernational.co.uk or please call us at 01527 882080.

The office is open from 0830-1700 Monday through Friday.

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