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Why you should choose RMO International

Why you should choose RMO International

We are not the only company to provide RMO services and we think that it is healthy for you to compare us with others and seek the opinions of doctors who have already worked for us.

We have a proven track record in the RMO industry and many of the 5000+ doctors whom we have employed have been referred to us by their friends and colleagues. We aim to be the “professional company with the personal touch”. We appreciate that many of you will have to cope with clinical and cultural differences during your time with us and we offer everyone as much support as they need. We have two Clinical Partners who previously worked as RMOs, so there is always someone on hand to assist with clinical issues. We offer you all the help you need to adjust and settle in, and we are always ready to assist every day should you need help to deal with any non-clinical problems. Our rota team organises your rotations, handles holiday requests, plans all of your journeys in the UK and provides personalised transport if timings are tight. One of the rota team is on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

From the first step to the last our focus is the success of our candidates: from ensuring you are prepared for the role to helping with GMC registration, arranging ALS and EPALS courses, providing access to a database of required educational courses, offering an comprehensive orientation, and maintaining regular and consistent contact throughout the time you are employed with us . Your first steps as a new RMO in the UK can be daunting, so we ensure that all doctors: receive an expansive RMO handbook, have an orientation with one of our Clinical Managers, have the first journey planned for them and arrange for an experienced RMO to spend three days showing you around the hospital, introducing you to staff and preparing you for your first week.

We can help organise bank accounts, offer advice on immigration documentation, help you to obtain a visa if you are going on an overseas holiday, arrange for a National Insurance number, help you to complete relevant tax forms and much more. We will do anything in our power to make your stay with us both pleasant and profitable.

There are 13 of us in our dedicated team and between us we have over 80 years service with the company. That means that we are a stable organisation, we are experienced in our roles, and we enjoy being here.

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